/u/Irbytremor is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 Happy to help. Video games and rap music: Both entertainment media.
0.8074 Apparently they're pretty awesome.
0.765 Wow at your edits lol.
0.7351 Assuming they were aloof wannabe intellectual savants because surely they had a mild form of Autism.
0.7263 Straight 3c is a bit tighter. Beautiful btw!
0.7213 The actual reality flies in the face of assumptions like this.We're LUCKY if it goes to court
0.6494 Now, I'd love to snap up some Chobani in support of this if they'd give up the fucking ghost and let their yogurt be full fat.
0.6369 they love their straw MLK and using him to patronize Blackk millennials.
0.6369 That is the best image
0.6249 Lol sure thing, my little Trumpling.
0.6249 Have a great night.

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-0.9485 Worst of all men are FAAAAR more likely to be raped than to be accused of false rape.
-0.8591 But keep that kid rape bullshit away from the Queer community.
-0.8349 Official Blackladies milestone: Screech mail from this pathetic fuck
-0.8176 It really is what's up. Too bad nine times out of ten they *are* boring and inadequate.
-0.8126 and its still bullshit, your shitty rationalization coupled with theirs notwithstanding.
-0.8126 This should just be "Was assaulted by a racist white man".
-0.7906 False rape accusations are rare.
-0.7906 It does not belong here, its intellectually lazy as fuck and most of all: its disgusting.
-0.7845 Reddit, 4chan etc and reactionary bullshit have ruined everything related to gamers.
-0.7783 Her responses make it soud scary as shit
-0.7669 ***CHILD IS NOT A GENDER.*** I dont care how many crocodile tears you cry for them, you cannot turn child into a gender.