/u/InsiderSwords is a total dick!

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0.7736 Especially straw purchasers. Now, California will require background checks on ammo, but will not punish liars and we have to pay for it.
0.7579 It's pretty strong and woke me up too.
0.7269 I've taken Neely, he was pretty good.
0.7184 Yes, because there's free pizza.
0.6597 3) Yes, definitely.
0.6124 Americans think we are a little cold, have a very dark sense of humor, and are good at math.
0.5927 He didn't know what it did but it was worth a shot. "Hey Sirius, I had a freaky dream where you were tortured by Voldy" said Harry. "Nah, I'm good, just relaxing at home," said Sirius.
0.5719 Looks like it, yeah.
0.5667 Thus, I can't call it terrorism, at least not yet.
0.5574 Probably the biggest example of becoming a hero by not doing anything.
0.5574 The health and safety of all students, faculty and staff is my top priority.

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-0.9607 Well, an AR-15 is an evil murder tool, it's only used to murder children unlike HIV/AIDS, which doesn't murder children.
-0.9457 How can you bring more weapons into your home right after mass murders instead of be disgusted by an object that has caused so much harm and pain to innocent people?
-0.9454 Dabiq, more ISIS shit, other terroristy shit, counter-terrorism, Nazi shit, probably have some military manuals, weapons, and probably a lot of other weird stuff.
-0.91 I'm pretty terrible at killing those rapid fuckers, ultimates aren't too hard but rapid kill me nearly every time.
-0.9081 What a disgusting evil piece of shit.
-0.8922 Can't say that I know what is going specifically but "medical emergency" is usually code for suicide attempt.
-0.891 That's up to 10 years in prison while some crazy bitch who tried to join ISIS got 4 years in prison?
-0.872 Why should I be punished because someone killed themselves with a gun?
-0.8519 I assume you are referring to children who have accidentally killed someone with a gun.
-0.8481 Alcohol kills 88k people a year and is involved in many crimes, including murder.
-0.8294 In California, I can go to jail for a year for having an assault weapon but someone who actually assaults people can go for less than six months.
-0.8271 Here's the email I got. Dear University community, Due to the devastating fires in the North Bay, we are experiencing severe and unhealthy air quality conditions due to the smoke.