/u/Ijerk876 is very positive!

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0.9473 Very sexy :) If you ever need to chat hun feel free to PM me :) I'm a good listener
0.9231 I have like, super big hands, so I think I could handle that beautiful butt :)
0.9151 That's like the most perfect little boob ever ;) so sexy!
0.8918 I'd love to hun :) Just tell me what you want :P
0.886 I mean, I'd be down for both instances ;) Some ps4 actually sounds pretty fun right now though haha.
0.8779 Good morning love :)
0.8592 Those look so great babe :)
0.8502 You're eyes are so beautiful hun :)
0.8398 Congrats :) And please keep them cumming!
0.836 mmm, right here love :) I'd love to fuck you while you wear that shirt
0.8347 Love the little frill on top :P

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6067 Isn't it a great feeling!
-0.4577 Isn't it fun!
-0.4575 Couldn't agree more ;)
-0.3802 Yeah fuck that guy!
-0.2732 Those were lone instances and haven't done that in quite some time.
-0.1027 I was scared that we'd have to all collectively agree to see the rest.
-0.0516 Itchy britches ;)
0.0 Anytime babe!
0.0 http://i.imgur.com/IOyrJ0E.jpg
0.0 Keep on going baby!
0.0 If only I could be walking down the beach one day and see this ;P
0.0 Are you talking to your bf?