/u/IdealColesLaw is kind of a dick.

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0.8849 not clear how hitting the delete button is more work than replying to my comment, but I hope you have a nicer day tomorrow, since it seems like maybe you weren't today.
0.875 But then your best hope is probably to spend more time on the substantive comments and hope that he/she is on the committee.
0.8074 And my problem is that everyone keeps calling it "a necessary extreme" or "tilting the scales" or "brave and welcome" or a multitude of other positive spins instead of actually calling it what it is.
0.7906 Yes, sure, some members of r/boardgames cares about gender politics.
0.7408 The light's not going to substantially improve safety.
0.7178 Especially good if you can call out to someone else's popular paper that lists your work as a possible extension or future work.
0.6868 They may be a secondary/tertiary reviewer, but it doesn't hurt to play to your strengths.
0.6511 NVIDIA puts out highly optimized (though unclear if the most optimized they could be, cf.
0.6486 Case law is pretty lenient toward the right of the employer to constrain actions while on the job.
0.6369 Arlington townies are the best townies.
0.6369 Yes, it's understood that Asmadi did this on purpose and some people like it and some people don't.

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-0.9118 Yet, cars kill 30K people a year, and cyclists and pedestrians kill <10. An Idaho stop by a bike is far different than one by a car.
-0.8481 The car is 20x heavier, at least, and far more likely to injure or kill a pedestrian or harm someone in another car.
-0.8335 Claiming bad cyclists are as bad as bad drivers ignores both physics and years of data. I agree that cars are not the only problem.
-0.7906 By this logic, jaywalking, bad cyclists, and bad drivers are equally culpable.
-0.7804 Or where anyone has, for that matter. That it's only ODD that gets your attention undermines your argument completely.
-0.7269 This is exactly in line with how much damage they do when they misbehave.
-0.7184 This is a false equivalence, and a bad argument.
-0.7003 who was in immediate danger if it actually were a gun?
-0.6697 I have absolutely no idea what you're arguing here.
-0.6351 but you might not be very good at estimating the amount of danger, particularly when you're inside a car and feel protected by it.
-0.6249 Most of the traffic on Lake during the worst hours is cut-through to go around Mass.
-0.5859 That's not manipulative. If there were 1/10th of the complaints about all-male characters in other games as there have been about this one game, I would argue your second sentence.