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0.9441 Lots of love leads to lots of partying, and lots of partying leads to lots of courage, and lots of courage leads to lots of achievement in life!
0.9423 It is yours, it is ours, and it is growing. Stay strong, stay close to joy, and never ever stop partying. I love you. Your friend, Andrew W.K.
0.9386 It's perfectly OK to party the way you want and that feels natural and good to you.
0.9167 I never really won contests or prizes and things when I was growing up , so whenever I have the chance to give someone else a prize or a special gift, I like to do it.
0.9153 You should always give yourself credit for having the courage to look for joy and find strength in what you encounter. As far as tattoos, I have these lines and they don't mean anything.
0.9099 I'll do my best to answer them: 1) Ke$ha has always been very nice to me and I love lots of her songs.
0.9093 Many of us have an image in our mind of what a "cool party person" is, and that they are really loud and free and wild and just super uninhibited.
0.8957 Yes, I love the Giant Eagle super markets very much.
0.8918 Once you begin to fully celebrate not being dead, you are essentially invincible.
0.886 Aleister X has released an amazing new album recently and has tons of additional great songs I recommend.
0.8834 So try and think of all the good things about your life, and be thankful them and celebrate them.

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-0.8579 The show is called "DESTROY BUILD DESTROY" and we did three seasons.
-0.8172 We were at the top of the heap! Unfortunately, there were a lot of complaints from parents that the show was inappropriate and too violent.
-0.7783 The dead skin cells and oils and muck and grime get blended and saturate the hair strands to enrich them and fortify them.
-0.7269 When I moved to NYC at age 18, it got even worse and I knew I had to do something or something awful would happen.
-0.6519 It's the kind of pizza that you almost have to block out of your mind, or you will go completely crazy.
-0.6379 You don't have to fight or fear or watch out for attacks from any side!
-0.5448 The people I've met who are really picky about pizza don't usually like good pizza.
-0.5423 They also thought I was a bad influence on young people.
-0.5423 I read an interview in Big Brother magazine with Ed Templeton, and he talked about how bad it was to wash your hair all the time.
-0.5267 Maybe your uncle had his feelings hurt by you leaving, so he lashed out.
-0.4939 It got infected.
-0.4767 Try to find someway to see it from his side, even if he's wrong.