/u/I__write is a total dick!

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0.9186 You'd be building up like 250/month interest, you pay interest AS SOON AS YOU START YOUR COURSE, and unless you get an insanely good job you won't even be keeping up with interest payments.
0.8479 Lmao yeah, because MDMA is far fucking safer than alcohol.
0.8225 It seems public support for most things the Tories do is pretty much constantly at an all time low, and yet they win election after election.
0.7901 Probably mental illness involved and this was what tipped him over the edge, but it's a great opportunity to laugh at sick people on the Internet AND complain about the BBC at the same time!
0.743 The justice system should exist to keep society safe and to rehabilitate.
0.6705 Strong and stable.
0.6369 Love all the people wanking themselves off over how 'tolerant' they are.
0.6369 I'd love a sci-fi series with a female protagonist.
0.6259 People don't start fights on MDMA, they don't lose their inhibitions.
0.5978 Like it's really not a difficult concept to grasp, is it?
0.5859 Well they clearly would think twice because he isn't getting them

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-0.9195 This does neither, it's just a harsh and disproportionate punishment for some poor guy so all these tough on crime cunts can wank each other off.
-0.8885 It's a disgrace that we've been potentially depriving people of major treatments for chronic illnesses for decades, all due to some hysterical idiots raving about some propaganda.
-0.8771 Absolutely vile, evil woman.
-0.8478 What the fuck is it with psychiatric disorders and armchair doctors? **Well, I knew someone with cancer once so I can tell you that you don't have cancer!**
-0.8436 Why the fuck punish people for actions they can't control, who benefits from this?
-0.8402 Every that votes for this should be shamed and ridiculed and treated like the evil people that they are.
-0.836 If you think someone deserves that for something as petty as this you need to get the fuck down from your high horse and realise what a shitty person you might be.
-0.8126 You think because you won a referendum with a tiny majority after a propaganda campaign full of blatant lies, democracy means we all have to shut up and follow you stupid cunts off a cliff?
-0.7946 I don't get why some people take criticism about a show so personally and try so damn hard to defend everything about it.
-0.7841 That depends entirely on the mental health difficulty, and the illness itself can make it more difficult to control or understand behaviour.
-0.7783 He'd have been dead months ago if he'd been born in America, and his parents would be in debt in the millions.
-0.7717 It wasn't the papers sending death threats to GOSH staff, it was the thicko scum reading them.