/u/IMAROBOTLOL is kind of a dick.

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0.8866 That's what I love about the Lego movies, and why I enjoyed the Ninjago movie, even if I didnt give a shit about the Ninjago toy line.
0.8442 I'm pretty sure most of us here like the show as well?
0.7351 Well he's implicated in it so I think he has an interest in protecting Donnie as well right?
0.7076 This reads more like an attempt to jam in the "purity test" buzzword rather than to actually contribute to discussion, much like shouting about 'BENGHAZIIIII' or 'HER EMAILZ!'
0.7003 Here we go again with equating Bernie supporters with Trump supporters.
0.6408 LMFAO what?
0.5719 Yeah, don't even think about not wearing hearing protection if you like not having tinnitus.
0.5499 Probably not, but it's more about the characters, comedic writing, and subversion of tropes in gaming in general.
0.5423 Yeah sure thing "batman-news.com"
0.5093 Thanks, I wish I understood what the hell launched it like that!
0.4939 I wonder if that would break some agreement in their contracts.

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-0.8769 Of course it needed shoehorned in "viral video of the incident" bullshit, some TV movie sobstory flashback, and an AC/DC song. How the hell is this not straight to DVD?
-0.8591 No one wants to explain the sudden about face yesterday on how protesters went from 'Anti-cop antagonists' to 'standing up against hate and bigotry' in the span of about an hour.
-0.7236 What the fuck kind of sense is that supposed to make? By that logic, why shouldn't the Dems just stop proposing stuff altogether and not sit as window dressing?
-0.6369 We're doomed, aren't we?
-0.594 \#NoKo? The fuck?
-0.5667 Jesus fucking Christ what a stupid bill idea
-0.5574 Let me guess, you still make rage comics don't you?
-0.5574 Shit he might be trying to pump up that topic for ALEC.
-0.5543 Not that they wouldn't be justified, but I think they would be risking more than one or two games.
-0.5423 If Harvey was a republican, Donald would say, "There was sexual harassment on many sides"