/u/IAmReality666 is kind of a dick.

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0.9287 The best thing now is to work on being a better person than they are and find someone who truly loves you back.
0.9151 It will be hard at first, but if you're feeling overwhelmed, there are some positives you can think of to keep you going, 1.) You're completely free to live **your** life the way you want to live it.
0.8442 If you keep strong and work hard, your life is guaranteed to turn out better free of its influence.
0.8439 Good luck and stay safe!
0.8014 Bath salts and the like are just a by product of this push, eventually they'll create something like meth, but even more powerful, addictive, and neurotoxic.
0.7754 People do not threaten sexual assault like that unless they're willing/wanting to go through with it.
0.7579 the best thing to do is to just embrace it and be willing to work through it .
0.7501 This experience will be far more valuable to her than delivering a graduation speech that nobody cares about or remembers .
0.7269 I've discovered that once you figure out how to use it, Linux is better than Windows in just about every aspect =)
0.7096 Yet, like with most places I assume Tibetans would rather go to work and live their lives than chase some political/spiritual ideal.
0.6486 The Dalai llama has a large following, but the spiritual teachings he preaches are pretty basic and can be found in any other Buddhist schools .

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-0.9153 Also I still call people faggot or retard with no ill intent toward gay people or the mentally handicapped, can't see how nigga is any different.
-0.9114 Her negligence is what allowed this worthless deviant to just stroll right in and turn sexual harassment into rape.
-0.8658 There is no shame in what happened to you, you were attacked by a predator who exploits basic human tendencies.
-0.8625 It makes me wonder how common it must be for rapists or serial killers to just subtly visit houses and checking door knobs.
-0.8442 If he's been staring at you all this time and hes threatening rape, **never** go back there.
-0.8214 However, in a very possible worst case scenario, the economy and society in general will collapse, making it a moot point.
-0.8151 Always remember that, you trusted and loved them, but they betrayed you, they failed you.
-0.8074 Also, calling you unwanted and trying to make you feel guilty are common tactics abusers use.
-0.807 Adding aluminum fluoride to drinking water is very illegal and never happens, its just a conspiracy theory.
-0.7841 Washington DC is actually one of the poorest and most dangerous areas in the US.
-0.7689 Spent hours waiting for the torrent to download, I would be so pissed if I paid $500.00 then not being able to return it, already opened!
-0.765 101 where you're forced to read through The Republic for a semester and leave thinking 'no wonder no one majors in fucking philosophy'.