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0.8941 Dialga would be amazing :D Thanks Starly F level 2
0.872 Fantastic stress relief knowing you have good friends to talk to, and they have someone who will listen.
0.8296 HA Beast trio, as well as Lugia and Hooh. VC works more or less just like the original games.
0.8219 And they would absolutely love for Scotland to get independence as it makes a United Ireland a lot more viable. It's not moaning, it's having a long term goal.
0.8038 Enjoy your genesect :D
0.7906 IGN: Steve, Deposited a Drifloon, lvl 31, Male Guesses: Raichu, Bronzor, Phanphy Thanks, this is awesome
0.7865 Shiny Alien Tech Thanks /u/AaronPope8888 and /u/mooglebuster for the giveaway :D
0.779 Thank you so much :D
0.7783 That feeling of "Wait what?" when I got to go back to Kanto was amazing, felt like the story continuing.
0.7269 Played for the stones and won all three games.
0.7184 Yeah xD So many Gible snipers

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5994 Equals fuel and maybe a death or two
-0.5859 And a group of people can make art or ruin the place dots.
-0.5574 Then it's back to talking shit.
-0.5574 Never mind, it's a idiotic thing to even think.
-0.5214 Man, I was so upset when I found out it wouldn't evolve.
-0.3597 I really missed watching Funday Monday, was a staple on my weekly watch.
-0.296 "No items, Greymane only, Final Destination"
-0.296 That Rhino will be no match for them.
-0.1351 Aren't Pakistan friendly with China as well?
-0.128 Can't see the third as you were offline
-0.0772 They looks nice, and have a worse catch rate than normal pokeballs.
0.0 Usually with all the same glitches.