/u/HornyThrowaway2394 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8225 Wow amazing album
0.7964 Yes yes yes
0.7964 Yes yes yes I approve very much so
0.7845 Umm they look pretty perfect IMO
0.7603 Great ass and LOVE your hair.
0.7579 Pretty impressive photog skills imo
0.7264 Haha so nice
0.7227 Skinny but perfect
0.7206 Yes PLEASE!
0.7074 Gorgeous!!!
0.6696 Love the tat too!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.765 :( the struggles with no second screen or printer
-0.6808 That's hot as hell
-0.6212 Fucking incredible ass!
-0.5106 M23 brown hair brown eyes, skinny muscular 140lbs 7in Dick.
-0.4404 Think you would like to be fucked while people watched it?
-0.3802 You just wanna tease the boys!
-0.3595 Adventure Time tats and a petite body! DjjckxlJckcks fuck
-0.2263 Tits and nipples just absolutely incredible
-0.1759 Hard to believe you're 45!
-0.1027 Nerves unnecessary.
-0.0772 You keep teasing me and I'll pack the flow caps
-0.0516 I hope there are others singing this post title in their head to the tune of Arrested Developments; "For British eyes Onlyyyyyyy"