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0.9501 Thank you! Yes support was fairly sparse, with the occasional village along route with locals cheering you on, then at around mile 23 there were more people cheering you on :) /r/running
0.9423 :) I started IF in about March and then moved to 48hour fasts but would like to do a 5 day fast :) My Stats: F/5'9/SW:162/CW:154.6/GW:143 So we have roughly the same stats as well :) /r/fasting
0.9299 Pretty much this :) Was pretty awesome! /r/running
0.9168 Yes fasting has made me realise how much I actually enjoy cooking aswell! My dad is happy for me to cook him his breakfast as a replacement haha. /r/fasting
0.9039 Yes it's so good! Should had started doing it sooner haha :) /r/running
0.9006 Thank you :D I love team groups on fitbit! /r/TeamHummingbird
0.8908 Yay glad it worked :) I restarted my phone so many times trying to get it to work! Bit Ticker should work all okay aswell. /r/fitbit
0.8797 Sweeet :D Do you fast from the Sunday night or Morning morning? I see you're from the UK as well so we will have the same time zones :D /r/fasting
0.8705 Well done with the restraint :) Hope shark week isn't too bad for you x /r/fasting
0.8687 I just looked at her and then she said it's my body and I can do what I like, and she's been quite supportive during the week, which is nice :) /r/fasting
0.8619 The quality is awesome! I have lots of companies I want to order items from, Rubber eva or fantastic rubber may be the next! /r/ShinyPorn

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-0.8615 My phone totally died on me :( needs to be sent out for repair. I use my phone for EVERYTHING, so I was stressing abit. /r/fasting
-0.8518 **AOTD** I try to avoid cheat days because I end up just going too crazy and I never feel better after it anyway! My fasting schedule hasn't gone to plan this week. /r/fasting
-0.7184 My Santa never wrote to me and last pulled my information on the 15th of February :( Sad times. /r/secretsanta
-0.6124 I have to move the fruit out of my sight whilst watching TV. Haven't found a way to truely fight the craving unfortunately. /r/fasting
-0.5574 _ GOT BADGE _ _ GOT BAN _ _ GOT SNAP _ _ UNSUBBED _ /r/inthesoulstone
-0.5574 **AOTD:** mini goal is to complete a 40 hour fast during the week and to avoid going crazy on fruit. /r/fasting
-0.4767 My face is broken /r/ShinyPorn
-0.4019 That's terrible :( Stay strong x /r/amileaday
-0.3987 Unfortunately I didn't take many photos on this occassion :( But here's a [shiny gif] I did take! Enjoy! /r/ShinyPorn
-0.3071 I love how keto makes me feel but I always crave fruit :( /r/fasting
-0.1511 The assistant recommend suitable trainers for me and all the pains went! /r/TeamLadybug
-0.0258 hoping it will do it again as I have 1 folder I need to move to my SD card :( /r/lgg4