/u/Highonssris is kind of a dick.

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0.8389 It's great that you know your audience then, you'll have so much fun accumulating internet points!
0.8176 His Spanish is one of the best of the show, to be honest.
0.7906 To be fair, most leftists outside the US think like him in that particular point. It's just that most of what's called "the Left" in the US is pretty much centrism in the rest of the world.
0.6727 Griezmann not being physically destroyed in this game really helps with that.
0.636 Then it all be alright for most of the trip, thanks!
0.624 It's the most amazing city I've been to, can't wait to return.
0.6124 Well, in his defense, your joke sucks as a joke and can only be praised as a funny comment by annoying prejudiced people.
0.5367 The southern tip of Argentina isn't precisely very summer-y, it's pretty much Antarctic.
0.4588 El sustantivo es "delirio", pedazo de burro :)
0.4215 If it's in a gif it must be true.
0.4019 YPG/YPJ are mostly active in Rojava , although they collaborate with the Iraqi kurds in some fronts.

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-0.886 Bueno, si no te copa la idea, pods hacer de cuenta que hay paro sin actividad y no ir. Qu s yo, si no hay clases te tildan de vago que no quers laburar...
-0.7717 But Adrin was MAGICAL. Too bad next season was awful for him, it was truly a shame to see that quality fade away so quickly in a few months.
-0.7319 Te sents a negociar con vos mismo? Si te dicen que te citan para el lunes, pero no te reciben y te tiran una oferta como esa el martes a la tarde sin reunin, qu hacs?
-0.6808 Es curioso cmo relacions en este contexto dos palabras que no tienen tanto que ver: resentimiento y envidia. El video no asume nada de "esa gente", porque no son gente real.
-0.6259 I'm not the brightest ok
-0.5859 Man, Adrin made that Europa League his bitch.
-0.5318 They're probably, along the Kurds, the most decisive anti-ISIS force in this war.
-0.5267 Y si lo intentara hacer, no recurrira a un ad hominem, que, por cierto, no indica automticamente que un razonamiento sea falaz.
-0.5267 Y yo ac quejndome de que no poda comprar un iPhone, cuando en verdad no me corresponda ni comprar el Moto E que tengo. Gracias Fraga por hacerme sentir mejor.
-0.5267 Segn tengo entendido, los residuos de plvora confirman un disparo si estn, pero no descartan un disparo si no estn.
-0.5267 Si te cogi un trosko y despus no te llam no es mi culpa amigo.
-0.4939 I'll spend a decent amount of days in Northern Wales, I'm screwed ...