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0.8718 It's great to hear that the instructions are clear and that it's a good pattern!
0.8622 A huge thanks to all of your for your great suggestions!
0.8481 It's less orange in RL than it looks like on the screen and it's super nice.
0.8313 Yay, that's awesome!
0.8307 Hope it helps and let me know if you have any more questions :)
0.8221 Beyond adorable, great job!
0.8221 The pattern's pretty great!
0.8122 I love the way it looks and it seems easy enough!
0.807 Thanks for the great suggestions!
0.807 Thanks for the great tips!
0.802 I'd love to see how yours turns out too :)

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-0.8679 I don't love picking up stitches, I never know if I'm doing it right, and I was terrified of messing up the collar and therefore ruining all my hard work.
-0.6124 The problem I keep running across with the patterns I've tried is that the end seems to stand up awkwardly isn't of draping.
-0.5244 I want this so badly!
-0.4753 Those weren't the colours I had in mind when I saw the pattern, but when I saw the yarn at my LYS, there was no turning back!
-0.2714 This made me curious, so I looked up M1L and M1R again and realized I'd been doing it wrong too!
-0.25 I will definitely swatch, even though I never do it, since I tend to knit tight and would hate to end up with something too small.
-0.128 I'm currently obsessed with grey and yellow combinations, for everything.
0.0 Full details about what I did on my Ravelry [project page] .
0.0 And you should, I think I'm hooked now.
0.0 I put it down for a bit after the third time I ripped back and that helped me decide to actually go through with it.
0.0 Can you try it on to see if it's going to be big or is it bottom-up?
0.0 I should've done a gauge swatch in the round, because my swatch was flat and I seem to be a tighter knitter when I knit flat.