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0.9331 I know, "Don't Walk Away" is my favorite, so good :D I'm glad he comes with new stuff, can't wait.
0.8995 Wow, i can't wait for this, i hope it's another album, Ashes was brilliant
0.886 Wow, seriously?, thanks a lot man, you are a wonderful person.
0.875 One of the best Drum & Bass artists out there, hope you're good now.
0.8519 I agree with you, check out Anki guys, all he does is amazing :)
0.8478 This is amazing, great job!
0.8402 Yeah k?d is going places, he's an amazing artist Vindicta is my favorite too of the two, sounds more darker/aggresive, i don't know how to describe it.
0.8258 Definitely Canvas, i really hope Rezonate releases more stuff like Canvas and Rebirth in the future.
0.8074 I recommend listening to all of his song, they're all nice :)
0.7778 I really wish k?d releases on mc, he's amazing.
0.7717 wasn't the preview on the podcast like 5-6 minutes long ? Either way, i love this

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-0.5994 No problem.
-0.5423 Breaking Bad
-0.5423 "I am the one who knocks." - Breaking Bad
-0.3182 yeah my bad
-0.3182 Hybrid Trap
-0.25 I wonder if the Rich's remix gets uploaded to youtube or Kotek's. Last time Sushii's remix of alone got uploaded first, so i don't know.
-0.2263 No problem, we all have different tastes :)
-0.0772 I agree with everything you said, but you took my comment wrong, some songs from 2011 can easily get "released" on monstercat now, some tho, not at all.
0.0 First mistery track in a long time, i'm hyped
0.0 That bass, holy..
0.0 Huh?, this song was released today.
0.0 I'm hyped for this!