/u/HerodoTotes is kind of a dick.

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0.9062 Haha it's all good; any increase in subscribers and quality content we can get right now is awesome.
0.8668 Hope you have a nice vacation :D
0.8356 Congratulations! May your marriage be happy and every drink you take as a married person be celebratory in nature.
0.7906 Or, just maybe, they legit believed what they wrote was true and kept track of it because they valued that truth?
0.7506 The celestial being was believed to or claimed to be revealing divine truths through revelations.
0.7351 Could be; Marxists definitely have a propensity to dismiss all ideologies predating Marxism as outdated, which I admit to finding pretty ironic.
0.6901 Not so well to be honest.
0.6597 And yet the Copts have been there, in territory that's been majority Muslim, for, as you pointed out, a long time, if it's true literally nobody wants them alive.
0.6588 O.M.G! [A stunning display of awesome power the like of which humanity can but dream...]
0.5994 Anyway, my Wehrb dad and stepmother apparently convinced her to take some of the old pictures and stuff out and share them.
0.5719 This is supremely entertaining...

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-0.9523 No, no, see: They just knowingly stopped prisoners from *escaping* industrialized death, which is totally *not* the same as murdering somebody outright!
-0.9047 RUMI IN TEARS! Holy fuck this is a bad article and it looks like a horrendous site.
-0.8225 I am both hurt and offended you didn't ask for mine own confirmation pop :'(
-0.7888 So the stupid fuck was briefly in the comments, but he deleted his ramblings and fucked off to whatever safe space he crawled out of before I could post my response.
-0.765 You're wrong about everything and you should feel bad.
-0.7508 It's only not fun because you Brits are genetically predisposed towards misery regardless of context.
-0.7311 You're basically just selecting for men of the founding stock who have long-term interests. I linked what I linked because of the Plato part, but that was said to defend the racism.
-0.7184 My disease has been causing me a lot of trouble and I've been sick on and off...
-0.7184 lol I was still charged from our convo/insult-trading the other day and had a bunch of Limey hate in me because of your particular brand of Brit agitation smh.
-0.7171 Maybe because of this war thing we can't bring up because it'll shatter your fragile worldviews? Muh Thousand Years?
-0.7096 Whatever works for you, you willingly ignorant, scum sucking, vile excuse for a human being.
-0.6808 She apparently was prone to keeping the artifacts of that time locked away in boxes out of sight; I don't know if that's due to legit shame or the understanding that it could lead to messy questions.