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0.9291 It's easy, cheap and the final product is stunning, I love having it decorating my room :D
0.9272 Really appreciate the support and the compliment XD
0.9219 Really appreciate all the help :D Take care!
0.9215 You can earn _everything_ by loving yourself, you are your own greatest treasure man, cherish it!
0.9205 Really great guy, was a pleasure making this for him :D
0.8986 Glad you liked it :D I'll post the full album tomorrow, with a DIY tutorial as well ^^
0.884 At least now I can help people not to make the same mistakes I made :D Glad you liked them!
0.8766 Thank you so much, really appreciate it :D
0.8668 Au contraire, mon cher, I'm always glad to answer questions and help out whenever I can :D So, the jacket I bought via eBay, paid about $15 for it.
0.8455 Now im off to bead some of these awesome pokemon :D
0.8436 [Always awesome to see a fellow Megazord over here!] Congrats mate!

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-0.859 I myself don't have to worry about it 'cause it's 40C right now where I live, but the real Red was screwed atop Mt Silver, probably died of hypothermia there.
-0.7866 Shoot, that would be so sick!
-0.7579 That being said, as a poor student myself, the price you'd have to pay for what is basically a toy is outrageous.
-0.743 Damn, those are two contradictory things, no idea what that could mean.
-0.7183 I actually sell them, but it's not worth buying them from outside Brazil, shipping is stupidly expensive here.
-0.636 It's no problem at all!
-0.605 I totally dislike the new SportBall, we even had the chance to make it too, but I hate it so much I didn't even bother.
-0.594 I did, but she really didn't enjoy the idea as much as I did. ^
-0.5574 This convention had at least 7 different versions of Link, 2 entire teams of eevolutions and yet, no Guzma or a whole gang of Skulls =/
-0.5574 No idea if it's available outside Brazil though =/
-0.4404 Screw it, I'm standing by my mistakes
-0.4215 I started editing it for gen7 but I had to stop due to personal reasons, might take a while to get back to it.