/u/HelloInterface is very positive!

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57Overall Score
63Positive Score
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34Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8555 Beautiful and relaxing, cool
0.8555 Love this cat, love its color
0.8519 Great, love history stuff
0.8519 Love airplanes, great pic
0.8519 Love this, great one.
0.8402 Soooo beautiful, great atmosphere
0.8268 Haha funny vid, thx!
0.8225 Lol nice hair haha
0.8225 Thanks for your help :)
0.8172 Haha love dogs and space!
0.807 Lol that's funny, cool!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5106 Hmmm that's a bit disturbing
-0.1243 Haha so harsh message!
-0.0387 I'm sorry, but I cant see the resemblance
0.0 Dude, I found and downloaded the song.
0.0 I guess we knew about that
0.0 I'm Batman!
0.0 Hmmmm I see..
0.0 Very interesting...
0.0 Say that again!
0.0 Hmmm that's not so funny...
0.0 Awww I'm so hungry now!
0.1511 Oh I want one of these!