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0.9516 Jeremy underground has played some amazing sets imo too so hopefully they'll bounce off each other and Kerri will play plenty of his own insanely good tracks haha
0.9423 Nice one good luck with it, would love to know what you think of my mix down below if you get a min :)
0.9197 Wow 15th most positive of everyone so far, awesome
0.91 Yes DVS does have these features but they're easily ignored / turned off in the software if you're interested in learning all the foundations which is certainly a good idea
0.9081 Yeah that's a fair point, I will at least keep it for a while and see if I still use it enough, cheers for the comment, lucky that there are people here with similar setups haha.
0.908 haha wow that is lucky, I have the p45 so its likely it could squeeze in like that!
0.9041 Oh that's great to hear thank you, and cool photos haha!
0.8973 I would never run a party off monitors really as they don't tend to fill a space bigger than a room well, but the yamaha's are certainly the better choice :)
0.886 Thanks man, glad you like it :)
0.8591 Nice, happy listening to you too man, I will try to pick out some of my favourites another day maybe :)
0.8591 Thanks for sharing it, sounds like a cool dj

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-0.6486 Could be wrong but on having a quick look at a pic of that controller I doubt it's possible.
-0.6324 I'm not sure how adjustable cut offs could 'destroy a sound system' unless you're heavily gaining with the isolator anyway.
-0.5574 There are no two classes that can duo every single end game dungeon, I'd say the usual suspects are rogue, panda and elio's though.
-0.4449 Both aren't fantastic and personally I'd consider saving up a bit more for one of the more standardised tts on the market and you'll never need to upgrade ever.
-0.4215 I'm studying in the UK at probably the leading DS university but I covered all of the requirements for these courses in first year which makes them seem a bit questionable to me.
-0.4019 Having to use them in tandem with other gear is annoying too as they don't output sound themselves.
-0.357 I have been djing for six years and only just got a mixer with a filter on; a lot of professional level gear does not :)
-0.3291 The glaring issue is feedback/resonance in the club, they aren't up to the same standard as technics there but unless you're playing on an insane system it never factors in
-0.296 I can't really afford the latter so is there any reason to avoid the p45?
-0.2952 I guess if it was really terrible, but maging is always going to be necessary really unless you're paying loads for overmaged/exo stuff already
-0.25 The twelves are probably even better than DVS in terms of feel but they're still just a midi controller, depends on what you want but in terms of needle dropping and using battle records etc.
-0.2115 I hope you aren't being sincere haha