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0.8442 We will happily accept the order and await patiently, We thank Nigeria
0.8221 We deeply thank our allies and hope to continue this deep friendship for a long time
0.8122 I will follow in the path of the footsteps of a great man, Klaus Iohannis and am incredibly grateful to be able to continue his legacy.' - Apostol Draghicescu, President of Rumania
0.8074 We thank Germany for the support on the matter of Hungary and welcome the division into Rumania when they do come around.
0.7906 When the UN taskforce is approved of, Romania will be sending * 15 F-16 ELU's * 13 troop transport planes of various class * 300 Special Forces We thank Saudi Arabia
0.788 We would be incredibly happy to help out wherever possible
0.7876 Development of the TR-24 Btlia Lynx goes incredibly well, with enthusiasm as well as capability being at an all time high.
0.785 Polls for either to win are quite equal and it is incredibly hard to predict the winner. ##**PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS; ROUND 2** /u/rollme [[1d100 Gregori Iohan]] [[1d100 Apostol Draghicescu]]
0.7783 As president Apostol only just recently won the Rumanian elections he would like to invite President Nathaniel for a state visit
0.7703 If countries such as [Saudi Arabia] could possibly station troops and planes Romania would be more than happy to supply help
0.7579 We believe this is a great initiative and will certainly be looking into it in the future.

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-0.802 No real activity can be seen right now except for a few isolated incidents of hate crimes in remote areas
-0.7096 In a shocking twist of events, Adrian uuianu's bid for the presidential seat has been destroyed.
-0.5574 Ghana is working well with democratic nations and it makes no sense believing that a simple meeting with other countries diplomats makes them the enemy
-0.5574 No better, no worse
-0.5256 As such we believe it is quite unfair to pit Ghana in with possible communists
-0.4767 Sad to see you go though.
-0.4767 It's within my claim using citizens of Rumania to attack Rumanian land.
-0.4654 Space planes cost a shit ton more than jets because you got building cost plus cost per mission, so I think that number might wanna go down
-0.4019 The development of the HARB comes into a few minor setbacks, the main one being the navigational system which would have trouble finding targets from such a high-altitude.
-0.4019 Discord bot, shows new posts almost instantly
-0.3612 Despite the coverup many are suspicious of what happened
-0.34 As of now the Iron guard looks to be an insignificant part of the happenings in Transylvania