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0.9011 Well, thanks for the motivation lol I already took Lang, it wasn't that bad
0.8555 I like this, the drums and the sample work perfectly in harmony.
0.8271 I'll look into it tomorrow, but is it possible a good mix will make it sound better too?
0.8211 I definitely did not maintain an A in my Stats class, more like a B lol.
0.8155 This is a really good collab, I agree w the other guy, I like the last verse a lot
0.8117 I read multiple study guides front to back just for my enjoyment since I found it so interesting!
0.8074 It does feel pretty great.
0.807 Oh wow, it is pretty similar, except for Bio!
0.807 I'd love to collab, I really liked your Outside EP.
0.8047 Also my dad helped me out at least with the basics, but now I feel like I've passed him up haha.
0.802 I like the sample, overall really chill track and your flow on it is natural and relaxed.

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-0.7503 I'm aware that AP Psych is one of the easier exams, but I don't really care haha.
-0.6901 I'm just kind of mad there's no kick to go with the snare?
-0.5719 With trap there needs to be killer 808s, so I'd add those too The chops at 1:18 are p good
-0.5383 So, I don't swear or say anything too violent or suggestive...
-0.5267 I don't consider myself a very mathy person, but: I remember while I was in the class I was feeling defeated -- however, looking back, the concepts were actually quite simple to understand.
-0.4995 WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES TWELVE https://soundcloud.com/prodhaileysimone/twelve
-0.3724 I don't have rapper friends.
-0.3382 Anyway, when that 808 came in at :13 I was like oh shit!
-0.296 But no one may ever know, maybe cuz they don't put themselves out there much or don't have many connections in the industry
-0.25 Not bad, I like it.
-0.2263 I remember screwing around in FL not really know what I'm doing.
-0.1761 Very funky overall.