/u/Guns_r_us is a total dick!

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0.7096 Have a nice day :^)
0.6597 Greater good is relative though...
0.6593 I'd rather not pay taxes to keep animals like that alive.
0.6486 I would take great pleasure putting a few rounds in between the eyes of that hooded fuck.
0.6398 To be fair I don't give a shit about that irrelevant drug addict.
0.636 #Oh this is beautiful!
0.6249 A joke worthy of deportation.
0.6239 It's amazing!
0.6124 I'd love to punch a smug fuck like you in the throat.
0.6124 Kek I'd attempt to beat the shit out of that guy if I was the biker.
0.5574 justin "If you kill your enemies they win" trudeau the cuck prime should be honored God Emperor shook his hand.

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-0.9595 I say in order to achieve equality racist fucks like him need to die. Hell give him some real racism while we are at it.
-0.8689 I hope this cunt gets raped to death.
-0.8599 Should we arbitrarily restrict the number of new doctors too, so that those poor doctors don't have their wages affected? Are you pretending to be an idiot or actually are one?
-0.8316 Hateful, spiteful, bigoted people came to my city refusing to assimilate.
-0.8214 Cannot wait until he's completely done destroying obama's pathetic rat legacy.
-0.8043 LOL Everybody has been sucking this pathetic fucks dick for 8 years.
-0.8008 Is it really so hard to kill a bunch of fucking monkeys?
-0.7906 Fuck him and fuck his legacy.
-0.7906 Fuck you and fuck the refugees.
-0.7841 Stupid fucking cunt.
-0.7717 You mean after this commie fuck spent the past year insulting Trump?
-0.765 Firing squad would solve this entire problem much faster than life in prison.