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0.9211 Dragon heartstring is known to be one of the most powerful cores and bond with the current owner strongly which I like because I greatly value loyalty.
0.9118 Also it is known to be great with strong defensive charms and difficult to break which is perfect because I am going into government work.
0.91 Some of the best times of my life with some of my best friends.
0.9051 I'm not a Ravenclaw nor do I know of a way to achieve your goal but that sounds pretty awesome!
0.9006 Yeah, I went from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff but I have always felt like a Hufflepuff so I am extremely happy!
0.8899 To be quite honest I would love a room like that now.
0.886 Finally since I believe myself to be rather open-minded and accepting of change the Surprisingly Swishy flexibility suites my wand perfectly.
0.8807 I would choose Ginny because she just seems like a fantastic person with a great personality.
0.8793 Sweet, I'm still not entirely sure how much I want to do but I do know that I will get a really meaningful one. Edit: Just saw the pictures you posted of your tattoo and that looks amazing.
0.8779 I have been to the London Harry Potter Studio Tour and that was amazing but I feel like Orlando would be a lot of fun.
0.855 Wow, I really like that idea and I haven't really seen anything like that before.

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-0.7003 Yes, they had all been killed by Ginny under Tom Riddles control because he knew that the rooster could defeat the Basilisk.
-0.5106 Just another disappointment not to have gone to wizarding school.
-0.5093 I'm jealous!
-0.4153 I know there are for a few of them but I am not entirely sure about all of them.
-0.3612 I agree but feel it would be difficult to do with how often she releases more new material so the physical versions would become outdated rather quickly.
-0.3182 Oh and Professor Binns is most likely still there since he is a ghost.
-0.296 On that part I have no clue.
-0.2912 I'm not entirely sure.
-0.2732 Voted in Lorain county through absentee.
-0.1779 I agree that this is probably an ingrained fear because Agrog would not even tell the the creature's name because he was so afraid of it.
-0.1531 I miss those midnight events a lot.
-0.0258 I have a problem and I accept that.