/u/GreaseMonkey_13 is very positive!

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0.9419 Thank you so much for sharing you are beautiful and sexy :)
0.9274 Well you will fit in well with that amazing body and great set of lips.
0.9159 More woman should accept tan lines are beautiful and accent all the best parts!!!
0.9136 Wow those lips need kissing and cuddles would be the best for r the weather by me.
0.9081 I love the cute back dimples, can't wait to see more of what you share :)
0.9056 She was most definitely blessed by the Gods of Great Glutes
0.902 Wow so sexy and will leave some amazing tan lines.
0.8908 Amazing thankful for sharing!
0.8793 Omg I would love to but only after I eat both nice and good.
0.8779 Who is lucky enough for that great honor
0.868 Wow tan lines are absolutely amazing!!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8221 Damn those legs are hot as hell!
-0.6486 That's a killer bod
-0.6005 Holy shot is this so freaking hot!
-0.5983 Holy shit this is hot!
-0.4588 I'm jealous of what you are humping.
-0.3818 Damn girl that's a fantastic ass
-0.1759 That's one tight hard body and that landing strip takes the sexiness to a whole other level!
-0.0772 Holy shit she is flawless
-0.0572 Who wouldn't want to
0.0 Hey there I sent you a PM
0.0 Tan lines are the greats!!!
0.0 Only before?