/u/GloriousNK is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 Also Iran probably not looking to be best buddies with the US, so the US has limited options for Arab friends that boast a considerable power projection ability.
0.7787 China and Best Korea promote a sense of racial "superiority" or "purity", just way less intense than Nazi Germany.
0.7684 Had not tried how the French cooks frog legs, but the one with porridge is awesome
0.6979 I'm not retarded, you retard.
0.6925 Because of the USSR, China, and Best Corea, communism are not being seriously analyzed by many nations.
0.6908 yes it's me your son, need $$ now for medical bills pls help
0.6705 Best Korea have same equation for counting number of nuclearbooms
0.6369 I'm from the Worker's Democratic State of Canada, is recent annex by best Korea
0.6114 Frog legs and snails are delicious!
0.5994 From ecstasy
0.5707 Ha, jokes on you, I already have it and therefore it can't be *faster* than mine!

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-0.9062 It's not if the employer calls immigration, it is if you already got the job for a while now and get fucked over later, the crime being concealing information about your criminal past.
-0.8593 I am not supporting this terror regime currently reigning in Iran, just laying out that the Shah is worse for the Iranians.
-0.8591 If people asked and you deliberately lied about your criminal records, that is a crime.
-0.8442 Qing deemed to be a bad boi and now in hell with pig monster
-0.8271 The people are supposed to put a check on the government, but apathy, shitty education, and the tendency to permablame the first suspect...
-0.8176 It's a pretty mild "fuck that guy" response, like you have an annoying neighbour that does stupid shit.
-0.8137 I'm saying probably not without lying, and lying can be very bad if at any point you get found out.
-0.7736 Iran had an entire population terrorized by the puppet Shah, the new generation will feel less of that, and the even later generation might not even care.
-0.7703 The worst thing about him is he just do not have the capability to stabilize the country, he could not humble himself slightly to please the people, he made himself a villain of the Iranian people.
-0.765 It's also said that the Germans kills babies and raped women in neutral countries like Belgium.
-0.7351 poor education is just as dangerous.
-0.7269 Shaped by the zee, born of shoddy mud, and populated by Germans mitt die speech difficulties