/u/GilroyMD is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.802 I love staring at your pictures :)
0.802 I would love to be your buddy :)
0.7996 very sexy and adorable
0.7906 they look phenomenal on you :) you have a gorgeous figure
0.7845 I would love to know what I can do to help change that
0.7783 it is what caused to me subscribe to your sub :) wow
0.765 I am adoring this panty show, that you are providing :)
0.765 that looks like a great haircut
0.7506 your body is the definition of ideal :)
0.7506 I would love to join you
0.7351 Exactly :) that is why i said, enjoy every moment with you.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.743 what if they were ambushed, or betrayed during one of their critical missions.
-0.5423 your ass does seem quite spankable though
-0.4939 does their benefactor Duke have any enemies who may frown upon him expanding his influence.
-0.4215 sadly I remember Harry Potter saying that in the 7th movie
-0.296 It could also be a rogue sorcerer who got wind of the planned demon invasion and wants to do what he can to stop it.
-0.1531 Or they could rescue some prisoners or some other key NPC's from the rebel territory.
-0.1531 Then the key would be "be interesting" "be unique" dont be another run of mill dick owner.
0.0 You look amazing!!!!
0.0 I need to get that suitcase
0.0 They were correct
0.0 that would be a new record for me
0.0 A large tree with a Fey portal to some other part of the continent