/u/Ghostofpriestholmes is kind of a dick.

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0.743 Use the Monday Night Miracle thread like everyone else.
0.7178 I'll play however is most fun to me.
0.7003 Sorry you got beat to it and dicked out of your sweet valuable karma.
0.6908 Easy to use, nice app too.
0.6369 You look like one of those white sorority girls who dresses up in blackface for a party.
0.6249 They do a great job.
0.5984 Well I'm sure he'll be quite valuable in your "Points per block" league.
0.5423 But I would make sure that I had solid WR starters in front of him and solid depth behind him in my draft.
0.5256 That's a really valuable contribution to a thread on snake drafts.
0.5118 Why would you want to pick up his less talented backup?
0.5106 They have per game stats, per position stats, stats vs team, stats for team...all easy to dump into Excel too.

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-0.8887 lying little shit with your bullshit shirt.
-0.802 Spelling is something that stupid people don't fixate enough on and as a result they end up looking careless and, well, stupid.
-0.802 If nobody gives a shit about your fantasy team then why would anyone give a shit about your record?
-0.7783 No reasoning, no rationale, no discussion, no anything.
-0.7003 No one gives a shit if you need 20 points.
-0.7003 no one gives a shit
-0.6908 This place has gotten a lot shittier and hostile in the past year or two.
-0.6597 "PPR sucks, 0.5 point PPR is the way you should play"..."Snake drafts suck, you should switch to Auction"...."your league should get rid of kickers" You can all pound sand.
-0.6348 you don't brave the wild, you've never braved the wild.
-0.6124 I swear, some of you people would bitch about a blowjob
-0.5707 Obviously there's no "we" in the equation if you have no thoughts to offer up!
-0.5574 who gives a shit