/u/Geturassrekt is a total dick!

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0.5719 Your mamas tit milk and vodka was delicious last night
0.5719 I have upheld my end of the bargain, i hope you would do the same.
0.5562 How dare you post such racial slander in our beloved subreddit!
0.5067 They are just giving her states!!!
0.4926 Thanks man!
0.4215 Darn, I liked these guys too.
0.3802 Shes been telling the truth the whole time!
0.3321 Especially when its a surprise.
0.3182 This one is an original.
0.2869 Did you repost something thats already in the top 10 of the subreddit??
0.25 Great, this makes them even worse drivers...

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9217 He insists on fixing everything himself, which is fine and he is handy, but will lose his shit when you tell him some minor thing is wrong.
-0.9118 You deserve to rot in hell you disgusting piece of shit.
-0.9099 This is the most awful, uninspiring, unauthentic, waste of time and server space, piece of dog shit eaten by said dog and puked up, that i have ever seen.
-0.8807 You should be ashamed you lousy piece of shit.
-0.8692 This is in the wrong subreddit you stupid little shit.
-0.8271 You killed a cat and are joking about it online you souless fucktard.
-0.7783 The sick fuck.
-0.7351 How difficult is it to find the correct subreddit to post your retarded fucking questions?
-0.6908 And that means theyd have to kill the majority of americans...
-0.6893 Your mother because shes the most vile of them all!
-0.6808 Where the hell did the 117,000 come from if it always goes 1 million mph faster?
-0.6705 Because he likes to stab people in the ass with it.