/u/Gervo is kind of a dick.

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0.7717 It certainly helps for the social and romantic life
0.7351 A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
0.7227 I know it's a complex thing, but do you know what would take to make you happy?
0.6369 Man I love this sub
0.5753 The attempt on my life has left me scarred and deformed but I assure you my resolve has never been stronger
0.5719 Does that mean there is absolutely nothing that could make you happy?
0.5633 It might not be entirely ethical but they are like animals, it's like slaughtering a bunch of aggressive monkeys
0.5574 Thank God is there, otherwise we might see some indecent things s/
0.4767 Nadie dice que sea bueno, es slo gracioso, es como humor negro
0.4588 Yo slo estoy feliz porque me quedo 9 de promedio en una materia :)
0.4588 Not everyone cares about those things

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-0.8957 When you insult someone for being a whore you are insulting their choice, nobody wants to be a virgin
-0.8225 From what I understand they can only kill someone in self defense or if they are and immediate threat to another
-0.6923 I don't know though, I like futa but I'm kinda disgusted when I think about actual gay sex with men
-0.6908 Why would you say it's murder?
-0.69 u/sheevpalpameme, the repost are evil!
-0.6597 Is there any way to tell if my device is the problem and what the problem is?
-0.6369 A esa edad no, literalmente lo nico que pueden hacer en 3ao para defender el colegio es no romper cosas y dar informacin que sea til para mejorarla, no es un detallito nomas
-0.5423 They need to hate on things they consider inferior to feel better than the rest.
-0.5267 El problema con esa parte de la homeopata es que esta demostrado que no funciona y no podemos pagarlo con los impuestos
-0.5267 Igual si te vas a morir y no hay paraso ni nada, no existe nada trascendente en tu existencia.
-0.5233 So what's wrong with fidget spinners?
-0.5106 What a dick