/u/Gayification is kind of a dick.

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0.9186 I feel like I'm not meant to be happy and loved and have a good life.
0.8442 Mods will remain a free and open system where anyone can create and share what theyd like.
0.8271 I want to be loved for the first time, I want a good life, I want all the things I've never had.
0.7793 I don't have my own care and only have around $200 or so saved.
0.7783 People offer to help so long as they think the answer is simple, because helping makes them look better.
0.7624 Deleted my Facebook a while ago so I was just curious if they were like some kind of like organized group or if it was just a Facebook thing.
0.743 Even if you guaranteed me happiness in a year, yes, I would still give up in a month.
0.723 I have nothing but pain, I have no strength, and for as long as circumstances are what they are I am done.
0.7003 THIS. Funny how everyone becomes a doctor as soon as their fave gets eliminated.
0.6705 Oppressors do not give up just by asking pretty please; they never have and never will.
0.6666 So unless I get a miracle there are no choices that I can accept.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9607 I'm sick of failing, I'm sick of hurting, and I'm sick of trying when I always fail and never get anything in return.
-0.8716 I cannot accept being here any longer and I'm not strong enough to keep fighting when all I do is fail.
-0.8591 Failed out of college because of the depression, forced to moved in with parents who only care about me when it's convenient, have no money to escape and no will to live or change anything.
-0.8442 Unless someone will help me and get me out of here I am going to rot here miserable and angry every day until I'm dead and I can't handle it any longer.
-0.8432 I'm not so sure it's a 'temporary problem' when that problem has been going on my entire life with no end in sight.
-0.8395 I don't believe I'm capable of anything and I am sick of trying when all I have ever done is fail.
-0.8155 Not only did it not help, I continued getting worse and worse.
-0.7978 Nothing in my miserable existence has ever been worth this suffering, and at this point I have no reason to believe that will ever change.
-0.787 My sexuality, my body, my head, my ears, the anxiety I developed from being so bullied.
-0.7845 It ruined me, and if I could I would ruin it back.
-0.7717 No guy wants someone ugly and pathetic like I am.
-0.7579 I want to be far away from home, I need to completely reset my life, I want to take my bags with me so that I can tell my shitty family to fuck themselves.