/u/Garchompexodus is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 Pretty sure it's pronounced like Keen-Wah
0.6834 You can't do a no kill run in this game without console commands or mods.
0.6478 Good thing it's seems to be getting more accepted to do this.
0.6369 Currently using it actually, love how iridescent it is.
0.6249 It also had like rocket boosters for feet if that helps.
0.5719 Adjust that and I'm happy.
0.5106 Just need games that are longer than an hour, tops.
0.4939 Twisted Metal Black I enjoy quite a bit.
0.4404 Good thing I got all crafting and robot related perks.
0.4215 Somerville Place seems to fit what you want.
0.4019 I can build all the things, hopefully.

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-0.9739 I'm not sure either because a no kill run means you don't kill anybody by any means, but in Fallout 4 you are forced to kill multiple enemies so it's impossible without mods or console commands.
-0.9042 I have a disease that may kill me and makes life suck and I don't believe in anything that would give me such a shitty disease.
-0.8271 Sure the kills aren't recorded but he's still killing.
-0.8216 He's not shooting them, sure but he has to initiate the killing.
-0.7644 A cat puking or having a hairball, it's horrible sounding!
-0.7506 That would give me a panic attack
-0.7345 Yep fuck that shit!
-0.7177 Oh fuck no!
-0.7003 Sorry I got a bit rude there I'm exhausted.
-0.6908 Is she trying to kill you?
-0.6908 You literally have to kill Kellog.
-0.6798 Any of the creepy situation threads but then again they can be quite sad sometimes.