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0.7506 Not sure what you mean, you have great cheekbones.
0.743 Looks like a successful test to me.
0.7251 You look like so much fun.
0.7184 I definitely want part three :)
0.6486 Too adorable, well done.
0.6369 Lots of love for them actually
0.6369 It might be one of your best.
0.6369 The best booty.
0.6369 You are the absolute best.
0.6249 Now that is an awesome goal.
0.6124 Yes please to everything going on here.

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-0.945 This is some of the most stupid points I have heard, and I'm a gay man living through this gay marriage debate farce. All your problems would stop if you stopped being racist.
-0.7579 As a gay man who thinks they survey has no redeeming features in terms of pure waste I'd rate offshore detention as more wasteful.
-0.7417 Yes, but I don't want to live in Tasmania or a regional centre. I've tried it, I hated it. And it wasn't a planning issue, it was cultural.
-0.5994 Prove it. Remember, no one attacked him from the right maintaining his favourables. Also that Hillary never used the oppo file against him. Finally, if you want a delusional socialist.
-0.5574 People who have never really said anything one way or another about gay marriage are fired up about it.
-0.5423 Your eyes draw me in, almost as much as that ass.
-0.5106 I'm angry all the time about the media and coverage of they survey.
-0.4767 Privatising a few things that should not have been also has probably been worse.
-0.4019 Your cheekbones are insane.
-0.4019 Damn though, those arms.
-0.3612 Low population and remote areas are going to get very little out of either arrangement and might seriously want to consider dropping down to just federal government.
-0.3412 I'm not in favour of segregation.