/u/Fufusus is kind of a dick.

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8271 lol good luck
0.765 I feel like this is gonna be a great card
0.6808 Lewis looked much better standing up with Roy Nelson hopefully this was just an off night for him
0.6794 I really like the gtis steering wheel and the genesis' looked like it came from an Elantra.
0.5994 They're both out on their feet lmao
0.5719 He didnt tap but he was done lol
0.5423 I am probably leaning towards the gti because of its handling and superior interior quality.
0.5106 Fairly comfortable and breathable
0.4939 I'M RELAXED
0.4767 they don't give out the password only friends and family get it
0.4767 calm down you're fine

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8415 WTF fuck tyron
-0.8345 Can somebody stop this fucker???
-0.8225 im kinda sad ronda is probably done I miss her fucking bitches up
-0.7943 Tyron fought scared most of the fight he shouldn't keep the belt
-0.7717 I know right these might be worse than the shitty yellow ones
-0.7506 What a waste of time why would you make them do the same shit 4 days in a row
-0.7506 Goddamn Goldberg is dumb
-0.7351 Haha get fucked bitch
-0.7264 Conor just doesnt have good stamina sadly
-0.6808 Nobody can cover that motherfucker
-0.6808 Tuitt is fast as hell