/u/Fuckthetwitterthing is very positive!

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0.9068 I think that aa Falstad is way stronger like you said but imo mage falstad is so much more fun to play.
0.891 I love Gate, Mash, and Slooshi plus i really think that the org is doing their best to give the players a stable environment.
0.8834 Yeah it was super annoying to deal with and i'm pretty happy they disabled banner and Zz'Rot.
0.8792 I'm like 350 hours in and i'm fucking trash but playing Dota is still super fun even though i'm awful
0.875 I love watching a good Troll Warlord, I hope it works out.
0.8674 I like FW but yeah i dont think they can win this one.
0.8553 I was a huge fan of Team 8 and i really hope he does well in the challenger series.
0.8442 I love the Apex flair stereotypes lmao.
0.8316 Nice find this is some pretty helpful info
0.8126 I've been a fan of FW since last years worlds and i hope they do well this year as well.
0.8074 Your friend did great work.

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-0.7003 Damn shame that NA is his only option because of visa issues.
-0.5574 I just don't get how people can get away with cheating in a pro league.
-0.5574 Getting invaded by Shaco/Lee Sin
-0.4951 It kinda kills the mastery 6 and 7 for me.
-0.4767 Poor ROCCAT guy.
-0.4574 Damn those trundle splashes!
-0.4432 I really hate playing against Xul.
-0.3892 I can almost feel the sadness from this Lucio.
-0.3071 I feel bad for the parents but this kid really deserves it.
-0.284 Earthquake isn't awful but it is simply not smart to pass up Sunder.
-0.2297 Even if he doesn't do well i just hate the hero.
-0.1531 I miss old Malzahar