/u/Frrnkk is very positive!

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0.9632 It's nice to know that you're happy now and in a better relationship :) And congratulations on all your college acceptances!!!
0.938 Hahaha this is great I just did a weird garbled laugh and my family looked at me so strangly hahaha
0.9038 This is so gorgeous, I love it!!
0.8705 I just usually wait til it sets and then it washes off haha but thanks heaps :)
0.8604 Just read all your previous posts and I am so proud and happy for you!!
0.8585 Awww gorgeous photo, congratulations!!
0.8519 I used to love to pretend like I was actually in the story and in the faraway tree :)
0.8519 Ironman is great, I love RDJ.
0.8516 Aww I love this it looks amazing!
0.8473 Yay thank you so much :)
0.8381 Love me some Jack Daniels and coke but recently I've been loving the margaritas

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-0.7184 I had shingles when u was about 14,hurt like hell especially when you bump them :(
-0.636 Sorry for the crappy phone quality!
-0.631 I thought most of his parts had already been filmed but I could be wrong
-0.6249 I'm in nsw and as far as I knew we were the worst for road rules especially re: your p's.
-0.6249 "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
-0.5106 I'll have to go have a look because I hate having crap nails haha
-0.4767 My boyfriend and I drive down to Jindabyne every season and he didn't let me drive on my reds bc I can only go 90 and it's dangerous for other people to overtake.
-0.4404 I was on my ls for about 4 years :( Maybe you could do the same, contact them and ask?
-0.4404 I've never seen it in stores where I buy polish from :(
-0.4391 this really annoyed me too.
-0.34 TL;DR mum went crazy and locked me outside for eating dinner.
-0.1779 My boyfriend introduced it to me a few months ago and I'm obsessed.