/u/Frodoteabaginz is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9432 Well thank you sexy lady for sharing your gorgus curves and wonderful smile every time you post.
0.9136 Love the pigtails and wow that rump is wonderful.
0.9017 Well I'm definitely glad Autumn has come and so shall i! Hot pic sexy lady!!
0.8429 Pretty eyes and your soft porcelain skin just so lovely.
0.836 Haha thank you sexy.
0.836 I always love to see a woman pleasure her self.
0.8126 Relax and let the sun warm those fantastic breasts.
0.8074 You have wonderful curves and I think your breasts are fantastic.
0.7984 It's pretty and little and id love to lick that thing
0.7964 Sexy legs and wonderful booty too.
0.7845 I'd fall on my knees and give your fantastic booty a few kisses.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 Your ass is spectacular.
-0.4019 Damn that is big.
-0.296 Oh those pesky titties are at it again.
-0.296 That's pesky nipple.
-0.2732 You make me want to snuggle up with you next to a fire.
-0.2732 I'm envious of the pillow.
-0.2732 I'm envious of that pillow.
-0.2263 Damn that's a fine round booty.
-0.1779 nice thick thighs..round booty too..awesome breasts with kick ass puffy nipples..and long hair too
-0.1779 Well ill try to post more of them
-0.1531 Haha oh shit that's true..
-0.0516 I'm sure we can find some mischief to get into.