/u/Freezestar is very positive!

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0.9076 She is so darn pretty! Look at those eyes, super happy puppy
0.8984 I think you look great when you smile! 8/10 =D
0.8966 He's so cute I love his markings very wolf like!
0.8957 I will appreciate the youthful look when I am older I suppose. Well thank you for your honesty in any case.
0.8906 Haha awesome comment, very creative!
0.8773 I really like it, it gives the tank va unique planted look. Also amazing job with your tank it's really nicely established!
0.8692 Great job Damien! You do so much in the classes you teach and you're always there when a student needs help with a problem. You deserve this award!
0.8154 Thank you very much cole, I appreciate the boost!
0.8016 I think you are super cute!
0.7906 Well I appreciate the honesty and I have been going to the gym lately.
0.7717 I love to smile.

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-0.6317 It's totally all the rage for the baby boomers!
-0.5439 Well it's not like he held a gun to my head or told me to cut it or get out.
-0.4939 I did cut my hair a lot actually, It used to be down to my butt but I had it cut to my shoulders.
-0.34 We are all crazy in our own ways, right?
-0.2753 Haha I wasn't high but thanks?
-0.1798 Sounds painful! I would never hurt an animal!
-0.1531 I miss putting them up too although I guess I am a bit old for them.
-0.1406 I've cut and dyed my hair already but I don't know if it has worked.
-0.0813 I think it was a good 6 inches, I'm not positive since I didn't measure!
-0.03 Haha I don't know if that would work for me...but it's so crazy it just might work.
-0.0031 He had just recommended it and I was looking for a change for 2012 and this is the change I made. It's not like I hate the hair cut I just miss being able to do more with my hair.
0.0 They are at Walmart for $99.