/u/Frankonia is kind of a dick.

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0.8479 I quite enjoyed the MG3 during my active time found it easy to handle.
0.8271 Thinking your self superior to the majority of humanity is perfectly normal for you?
0.802 This and the influx of Sudeten refugees after WWII led to the CSU which branded it self as a true peoples party becoming the dominant party there.
0.6705 For 99% percent in the party he is extremly popular and Von der Leyen is considered a snake by most.
0.6705 I am pretty sure that the next candidate will be from the CSU.
0.6652 Can't talk about that, but my brother used to go there to buy tax free coffee.
0.6478 Christians are more tolerant towards muslims or people of another skin color who practice the same religion due to being able to understand them better on a spiritual level.
0.6249 Great parts of Bavaria were extremly rural and agrarian after WWII, this enviroment led to a more conservative mindest.
0.5574 Well, I could have voted for the Greens like the majority of priests I know does.
0.5423 Well, Russia and Poland are pretty empty.
0.5423 http://gruene-bag-christinnen.de/willkommen/ The greens started out as a peace movement and a pro enviromental movement.

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-0.8316 Wenn es nur die wren dann wre die AfD aber trotzdem nur bei 4,6%
-0.8316 Ich meinte damit dass der Rest der Welt alle damaligen Deutschen als Nazis bezeichnet auch wenn die Mehrheit nicht fr die Nazis gestimmt hat.
-0.8316 Dafr hab ich mir die letzten Tage die Fe tot getreten?
-0.8316 Die SPD hat es dann halt geschafft die ganze Kampagne in den Sand zu setzen.
-0.8316 Wenn man sagt "Nigerias Ressourcenpolitik ist scheie weil die Neger zu bld und zu faul sind, die sollte man mit weien ersetzen", ja.
-0.8271 The now deleted comment I was replying to claimed that Palestinians were being oppressed and that this new law would make it illegal to protest this oppression.
-0.7717 Gab bei uns zumindest ein klein wenig Emprung darber weil das die Grnen gemacht haben und das Ordnungsamt dann ein wenig Stress gemacht hat.
-0.6808 Hell, the RAF cooperated with the Hamas.
-0.6705 People would get beaten up if they dared to piss into their bed.
-0.6641 Wait a second, die kommen aus Bayern und verwenden das Wort "Fotzen" wie jemand aus NRW???
-0.5994 4,6% fr die AfD.
-0.5994 67% Prozent haben auch nicht fr die NsdAP gewhlt.