/u/Frank_Reynolds_ is a total dick!

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0.7906 lol yeah runemate ftw
0.765 no thanks, good luck
0.6369 Not the best.
0.5719 Shitload of adds, EDIT: but honestly I am really looking for a knight, leave your offer here and I'll consider
0.5423 well played
0.5267 I like how you exaggerate "24/7" acting like they often do surgery outside of standard business hours.
0.4822 People get pets every day and don't make useless threads about them, gtfo no one cares.
0.4588 and another faked post for attention, welcome to reddit guys, shitposts for days.
0.4404 Thanks for the up votes, any comments tho?
0.4404 Still better than a corticera...
0.4019 How is this anything special?

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-0.9687 ahaha fucking cry baby bitch gets told he's wrong then thinks crying to mods will do anything, ahahaha fucking cry baby bitch
-0.9565 How about stop spamming your shitty oddshot links every time someone gets a kill dickhead
-0.9552 Blatantly obvious it's staged fake shit like 99% of the garbage posts on this site, fucking pathetic how this dog shit fake crap gets posted.
-0.9451 Throat hurts because you're a bitch. Stop deep throating dick, bitch.
-0.939 dumbest fucking shit ever seen, only a fucking moron would post this shit.
-0.9291 that shit is so fucking fake, fucking morons eating this shit up.
-0.8957 Why the fuck would any business take advice from these dickheads on content is beyond me, bunch of retard cunts.
-0.8718 aww faggot kid googled up someones name trying to act like he actually knows shit, you're fucking sad.
-0.8519 "After I finished taking a douchebag pic of my coffee for instagram I photoshopped snoopy into it to attention whore on reddit"
-0.8316 Went from being the Zelda King to the fucked up LGBTQWTFBBQHAX retard.
-0.827 "a friend of mine" aka you spent time working on that shit and couldn't admit no one gave a shit so you self posted it claiming to be for someone else. fucking pathetic reddit.
-0.8225 Only an idiot would believe this garbage. Dead mosquito in a vehicle, oh what a coincidence the last person it fed on was the person that stole the car.