/u/Foxmakloud is very positive!

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0.9442 Just had a look at your post history : great smile, great hair, great body and also a great slut.
0.9133 Wow, your butt is clearly not your only asset Glad to see more of you, keep it coming, gorgeous!
0.8834 Fantastic smile , love it.
0.8519 Both sexy and cute, how good can those post get?
0.8481 Wow, you've got such a cute and innocent face.
0.8338 I tend to like long hair, but honedtly some women are just as good with short ones, and you seem to be just like that.
0.8201 I like girls who have plans, but I love when they put their planning skills to such a kinky cause
0.8176 Also, great curves and yummy lips
0.8122 Love bruises, I hope!
0.7906 Well I know it's also a good day when I see this kind of contribution, gj you two
0.7906 You've got to be the cutest of all when laughing

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6597 Damn, that's one hell of an attractive kitten here
-0.6588 Each picture making me wanna say what a teasing slut!
-0.6486 Please tell me there is someone actually fucking with you, it'd be a shame to let such a teasing wasted
-0.631 I can understand the need, but doing it behind his back just feels plain wrong.
-0.6032 This will be tricky given the space, we'll either need to ignore the mess it'll make or be a little creative to avoid that
-0.5848 Such a spankable and fuckable ass!
-0.5423 Explicit version : what isn't bf providing you that causes you to feel the need to fuck a random stranger?
-0.5423 If I get to grab that ass with that too, we have a deal
-0.5267 The other 1% are liars
-0.5256 I swear, two of my biggest weaknesses in one picture make it very hard to focus on work.
-0.4939 But if you get destroyed, how will you ever be used again?
-0.4939 Damned germany, I miss you so much