/u/Fourthwisemonkey is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 A super car which never needs refueling Edit 1: or re-charging Edit 2: Super car
0.8316 I hope history will be kind to him too, like MMS.
0.8225 Briefly yes, now they are printing the new notes 24/7, the new notes having no new security features Yes, the goal was noble.
0.8126 Demo may have worked better, if the govt had better planning and a focused goal.
0.8094 Same for true caller IDs. The best solution is to never entertain such cold calls.
0.7717 As if he is an epitome of kindness and loves all Indians of all states.
0.765 Do it only for the fun of it. Hardware prices in India are marked up and you have to check your retailer/supplier Cloud mining is a bit pointless for me, where is the fun?
0.738 Enter your electricty rates & hardware, it will give you the best coin to mine. Bitcoin mining via graphic cards is totally unviable since 5+ years, dont even bother.
0.7184 No, in the west, the king's were rich too, but the disparity of wealth was much less extreme.
0.7184 To say chidu was brilliant is joke.
0.7096 That said I use pen tops. To clear blockages use hydrogen peroxide based ear drops.

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-0.8834 But there was a severe lack of wisdom and gross misjudgement on the effect on the already sensitive economy and criminal incompetence in execution.
-0.8779 And worse it was worthless for day to day use. Terrorists & stone pelters.
-0.8442 We also saw scores of cash seizures with the new notes, which in theory was impossible due to stringent rules * Terrorists back broken, counterfeiting stopped.
-0.7964 The terrorists still strike at will, surgical strikes or not, including one at Uri of all places.
-0.765 Either way is a comparison of bad Vs worse.
-0.7579 And done jack shit for **Bombay** being in/out power for last 2 decades. Bloody Goonda will say anything to get some votes..
-0.7506 Not this crap again ffs.
-0.7269 Stupid and myopic hacks with be criticized and ideally should be punished by law.
-0.6808 PM in waiting already has phoren GF and allegedly raped too Current PM was married at some stage.
-0.6808 Why the hell was the 2000 note introduced if digitisation was the goal.
-0.6808 What the hell ?
-0.6705 The incompetence of the govt/RBI to stop this, resulted in a total of 54 rule changes by RBI.