/u/Floflp is kind of a dick.

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0.8654 The early game is too slow, and I can boost it by fishing the shark pick, but veloticy wise, i'd really like having Frostspark right off the bat.
0.7184 Seems to be pretty popular in France
0.6597 You truly feel like a shadow.
0.5267 You don't get genocide, and you'll get neutral, and Flowey will call you out on giving up the genocide dream.
0.5267 Finishing the last mission and winning yields more scenes right?
0.4939 You can later unlock ways to start farther, and the devs are planning to add a Save and Exit feature. 2.
0.4754 After you make more progress.
0.4574 "Yes you did!"
0.4404 It's still better than the minecart.
0.4404 It's even better if you're French.
0.4404 Now I need a good crossover, with any songs.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8712 killing Papyrus before killing all the monsters doesn't prevent you from genocide.
-0.8442 But the Phastasm shines in boss fights, since the rate of fire lowers if you hit the same enemy again and again.
-0.8271 If you killed Mettaton NEO and all the enemies, it's Genocide or reset.
-0.7959 "Yes, but I am using my anti anti-everything shield attacks too!"
-0.7003 If you kill everyone before killing Toriel in the ruins, does the save points goes like : "Determination." like in the demo?
-0.6808 Enemies types and overall difficulty changes.
-0.6705 I killed Papyrus, before clearing.
-0.6597 No Mercy is kill anything if it's in your path.
-0.6597 Then you fucked up in Waterfall.
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5848 Yet XCOM 2 shows that XCOM :Enemy Unknown's canon ending is the game over screen!
-0.5562 "You cheated too!"