/u/Five-one-four is slightly positive.

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0.7845 Lol dude you're awesome.
0.6808 Lol, nice website.
0.6588 That accent is just awesome!
0.6249 You look great right now, this is fitting you.
0.6097 And polish tbh, but yes, paladins gameplay is much more fun and less punishing.
0.5994 Someone found this stock photo and made karma off it lmao.
0.5994 What would you do then anyways lmao
0.5859 I was completely mindfucked by how amazing the direction, writing, acting and cgi was.
0.5859 Wow you guys started with a harder one.
0.5848 Well played!
0.5826 THANKS MFER!!!

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-0.8294 She's hot as fuck but them fake tits are too far away from each other.
-0.802 This sub will quickly go to shit if this type of lazy, shitty facebook content is allowed and encouraged.
-0.6901 DLR is absolutely killing it right now.
-0.6808 In the states I think you can get away with it if you can prove your life is in danger, but here I'm pretty sure you'd be charged even if you were getting beaten bad.
-0.6808 Who the hell would buy that?
-0.6597 I have cancer
-0.6557 These 'rebels' are, for the most part, literally terrorists.
-0.5719 That's terrifying.
-0.5574 Oh shit, one explosion?
-0.5423 Fuck this guy
-0.5267 My hemorroids hurt
-0.3818 Losing my wallet.