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0.8905 Ah, I can see that. She's a pretty sentimental person, so I'm hoping it means a lot to her :)
0.8885 Haha, glad someone read the album And thank you :)
0.8439 Thanks, I hope so :)
0.8402 Yep, and all in the hope that it turns out to be worth it :)
0.8402 Haha, you're welcome :) If you're looking for a more thorough guide, I'd suggest this guy's post: http://imgur.com/gallery/kVPnP
0.8196 I saw your original post on Imgur, actually, and it was so awesome that I decided to try it.
0.8176 Glad it made someone smile :)
0.807 Awesome, thanks so much!
0.8047 I don't know about images for the disks, but another redditor made this amazing blu-ray cover image: https://2020mirror.files.wordpress.com/2016/12/avatar-remastered-blu-ray-cover-final-2.png
0.7842 You guys are all so nice :)
0.7777 Haha, well played!

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-0.7096 Cuz I'm terribly confused
-0.6997 The password is Imfromreddit BTW, this sub is extremely dead, which is extremely unfortunate, so don't really bet on more fulfilled requests...
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5645 There are some cheat sheets online I think... Yep, here it is: [cheat sheet] Sorry I couldn't be more helpful
-0.5267 Not for holding in hands Well, I have difficulty believing that if they're for plumbing that they have anywhere near a dangerous amount of lead.
-0.3597 I was too, then I realized that I totally missed the cat food one above you by /u/SquishyPearl
-0.3164 "Make sappy comments" I can do that!
-0.296 It's just held together by pressure, essentially. There are holes in each group of petals and each group of leaves.
-0.296 Is it practical for a total beginner with no tools ?
-0.2516 I think all one color would look a little boring, so I wanted to add some variety
-0.1511 Sorry I had to!
-0.1027 Uh, probably more than you're willing to pay.