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0.8271 Virtually anyone can run for any office without any sort of test of party loyalty like many other democracies.
0.8074 Where is the one who chooses to be happy in relation to happiness?
0.8029 Why can people without mental illness choose to be happy whereas people with mental illness can't?
0.7845 The solution is to better regulate political parties.
0.7845 Of course the 2 parties in power like things the way it is and never pass laws that would open the door for more parties.
0.765 "Choosing to be happy" is valuing happiness over all other conscious experiences which leads to craving which leads to suffering.
0.7506 I love it even more when the guy who got the gold wasn't even the one who told the joke.
0.75 Like rich Republicans!
0.7227 Why is it that you can't choose to be happy when something traumatic such as a pet dying happens, but you can choose to be happy on mediocre days?
0.7003 The question if free will is like asking the name of the man who shot you with an arrow, what kind of wood the shaft was made of, etc.
0.6808 My other church friends were allowed to skip if they felt like it.

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-0.9022 I'm no advocate of this, but the only way to "flip the board" would be through violent revolution. Trump is too incompetent to actually flip the board.
-0.765 Failing to recognize lineage is simply failing to recognize those who helped you on the path.
-0.7506 Half the people in prison have some sort of neurological or psychological condition that blurs the line between right and wrong in their mind.
-0.7101 Being trans or agender isn't considered a disorder because it isn't really causing any harm or distress to the patient.
-0.6705 There's no reason to be a dick when someone asks you to refer to them by a different pronoun. I also think that Peterson is intellectually unimpressive.
-0.6597 You realize your making a stink about imaginary people making a stink?
-0.6486 I would simply let the experience be and allow my mind to be sad when it's sad.
-0.6369 Goddamn reddit always bitching about something.
-0.5859 Source for your bullshit?
-0.5859 Because the daily mail will make up bullshit for clicks.
-0.5439 Also, what should we call someone who because of some birth defect does not biologically fit into either category of male or female?
-0.5423 What is the harm in referring to someone as ze?