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0.936 That he was glad to be able to learn how to love with someone like me. Since then, he's only gotten better at getting things off his chest and trusting people.
0.9352 I'm very lucky to have him, he's stellar :D much love <3
0.9325 I wish you the best also and send my love <3
0.9187 I'm so sorry for what you had to experience and I'm proud of you too for being able to talk about what happened. I'll be sure to take you up on your offer at some point, much love to you as well <3
0.9179 I've sent her along just now, enjoy :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!
0.9153 Thank you :) I'm glad too, he's a real sweetheart.
0.9136 No worries at all, thanks for helping me clear out my boxes xD Sent her now, enjoy :)
0.9123 You're so awesome man, 1000 internet hugs to you :D
0.9116 I've never felt so supported in my life, thank you from the bottom of my heart <3 much love
0.9109 If not, don't worry, I can just grab you a random one :) Edit - Don't wanna keep you waiting, I'll send you one of my best lil' men, take good care of him!
0.891 I promise it'll get better and I encourage to talk to a trusted individual about it, it really takes the weight off your shoulders.

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-0.8624 This girl I used to hang around with would say the dumbest shit, one of the more prominent ones being; 'You're a racist and I can prove it!
-0.7964 My partner expressed much of the same, he was upset and angry that he couldn't do more for me because he had no experience dealing with that situation.
-0.6894 I don't feel remorse, nor do I think I should tag it 'no regrets' because what is there to regret? I'm not distinctly talking about the incident either, only how I told my partner.
-0.6369 True, esp considering the other stupid shit she's spouted over the years, let's mark it up to a whole pyramid short.
-0.6249 terrorists are all foreigners and 2.
-0.6124 She must've been terrified.
-0.6114 You said you hate terrorists!' (Inferring that 1.
-0.5656 Put up a level 15 Female Luvdisc, tytytyty words can't describe how amazing you are!!
-0.4588 Thank you so very much, you have no idea how much all your support means to me; I always thought I was wrong and dirty for what happened.
-0.4003 No problem, thank you so much!
-0.2732 No worries, thanks for the heads up.