/u/Fascists_Blow is kind of a dick.

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0.9265 I don't know if he could win, he's not a fucking batshit moron and the American voters clearly love those so....
0.9245 I'm glad your life's in a better place now, best of luck!
0.8658 As a white, moderately well off, male visitor, I feel like I'd be pretty safe.
0.8658 Yep, because of arbitrary lines in the sand and a winner takes all system, he won.
0.7574 That's an excellent break down and I fully agree with you.
0.7479 I'm also in a relationship so it'd be pretty easy to deal with.
0.7474 I still won't go, of course, because it's a fucking barbaric shithole propped up by oil money, but I wouldn't be particularly worried for my safety.
0.6705 Because I'm pretty sure they deported her with him.
0.6697 I don't think kidnappers are particularly well known for their intelligence.
0.6597 Personally I like the Pulp Fiction version a lot better.
0.6435 If all crimes can be reported without fear of being deported, all crimes can be reported without fear of being deported.

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-0.9747 You know, when the absolute worst of a group are guilty of the crime of being obnoxious as fuck and a danger mainly to themselves, maybe labeling them an extremist group is a bit idiotic.
-0.9393 Bad infrastructure, abusive police force, worst healthcare system on Earth, crumbling education system, one of the biggest threats to world stability on the face of the planet.
-0.9371 We all suffer when rapists and murderers get off because their victims can't go to the police.
-0.9355 Does Europe consider immigration violations more severe than violent assault or murder...?
-0.9282 Why should illegals get some sort of pass? Because you presumably want to live in a society where violent criminals can be caught, even if their victims are criminals themselves?
-0.9265 So you want to make it so illegal immigrants can't serve as witnesses to rapes or murders?
-0.8906 Stay and get murdered and raped for your principles!!
-0.8718 It's relatively common for people to attempt suicide via bleach then stop immediately because of how incredibly painful it is.
-0.8591 That would no longer have been just a fight, it would have been a murder.
-0.8511 I don't like the fact any of these things are true either and I don't particularly enjoy them being pointed out, but ignoring them just makes it worse.
-0.8402 *I'd Less about me thinking she died more rip as in she's fucked if she actually got deported.
-0.836 Anyone that can manage to drink enough bleach to kill themselves probably deserves to be given whatever the fuck they want at that point.