/u/Farmdog626 is very positive!

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0.9633 And there are people like you and the good folks in this community to help bolster confidence. Thank you again and I hope your day is great.
0.9545 In the end, though, I think understanding one's true nature, honoring it, and doing little things for the ones you love might be the best we can hope for.
0.9493 You likely need to go through the process yourself, but I would love to share some of the techniques I've learned. First, you are clearly a very giving person.
0.9349 Years ago, Colombia was just a lovely idea for us -- lots of pretty pictures of diverse geography, topography, and climate, and stories of friends living a great life.
0.9312 I am very glad for you that you had the neighbour/grandpa/garden situation you had as a child -- it's great for you and it gives me some hope that we might be having a positive impact.
0.9287 Best of luck to you -- you certainly can have a great life without a 9-5 traditional career.
0.9287 I hope your path is great one, and that you have at least one wonderful dog by your side always :)
0.9201 Still, if you or someone who cares for you feels up to investigating it, you might learn that you can obtain quality care at a fraction of the price. I wish you all the best.
0.9167 Your kindness is helping me re-live those good feelings of being able to help again, so thank you!
0.91 However, from what you have written, I think there are better ways for you to be healthy, happy, take care of business, and earn money.
0.91 Perhaps viewing our assistance as a moral obligation is a bit strong, but I do think if we have the ability to make her life better in a healthy way we should do it.

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-0.836 It felt as if I was being arrested, detained, or doing something wrong.
-0.7713 I deal with anxiety myself, and dealing with tenants and tenant problems is not a great part of my life.
-0.7184 My wife and I worry every day about her finding the wrong kind of attention, and continuing the cycle that has been going on in her family for at least three generations before her.
-0.7184 The work damaged my health and nearly ruined my marriage.
-0.7184 Part of not being owned, I learned from my father, is avoiding debt, keeping expenses low, and limiting responsibilities.
-0.6597 As I heard my boss saying this, my father was in the hospital attached to the clinic, dying of cancer.
-0.6486 It might be partly because we have the large tires, but it is impossible for the mower to cut low enough for the lawn to look like anything other than a shaggy mess.
-0.6486 We were struck by how low costs were -- that cuts both ways -- spending less and receiving less when you sell.
-0.631 You wrote "but I've gotta figure out some way to be able to fix the things that are broken around here that need to be done".
-0.6124 If you don't have ties to another country, it may seem too monumental to establish a patient-physician relationship while dealing with a critical health problem.
-0.6114 And no doubt on the people watching!
-0.5994 I have distilled it to "A Dig, A Death, and A Dog".