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0.9571 Honestly I loved everything I tried but if you're mostly a fruit lover, check out "Honey Suckle My Cuke" I know it sounds like an odd combo but it's definitely one of my favorite advs now!
0.9393 I still won't initiate a lot of physical contact because I'm naturally shy about it but I will hug my friends back, grab their arms, tell them I love them, things of that nature.
0.9389 I don't do this usually and as a rule my personal info is hard to access but it seems like you could really use a friend and I would like to help if I can.
0.9321 I actually have a Sara running around, I did consider Rhiannon but Sara fits her so perfectly :)
0.93 Well thank you all the same, my daughter loved her Kinder egg and my friends are lusting after my Cadbury eggs
0.9215 I truly hope things get better for you sooner rather than later and I'm sending lots of love and rainbows your way!
0.9199 My question couldn't have been the most interesting but it was definitely a legitimate curiosity of mine so I appreciate everyone who took the time to share their experiences
0.8927 You're absolutely beautiful, I hope one day your confidence is through the roof
0.8898 For a lot of her fans, it was too far from "Born To Die" to be a choice album but to me, it was an absolute masterpiece and I loved every track.
0.8893 Leverage, I'm pretty much home free :D
0.8706 It seems like you're being awfully hard on yourself but it sounds to me like you're doing amazing with your nephew.

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-0.6652 That book has his younger brother as one of the main characters but Patrick also appears in a couple chapters when their dad gets sick.
-0.6369 I have severe scoliosis, I was always standing as straight as I was able... Fuck people who say this.
-0.6249 Anyway, we got together and the feeling of walking on eggshells and general misery disappeared.
-0.6066 It took me a couple decades to realize it but don't ever try to force something when you can't get over feeling uncomfortable.
-0.5859 This is bullshit
-0.5574 Cheap assholes can't even get me a space big enough to fit a bed but want me to fight for them?
-0.5407 On two different occasions I forced myself into relationships with women who seemed perfect on paper but who made me incredibly uncomfortable whenever I was around them.
-0.4926 I don't say that as a meaningless platitude either!
-0.4767 The stuffed baked potatoes got me through my poor years and I still make them occasionally for my family.
-0.4588 It's my first cheat day so the possibilities seem both endless and overwhelming
-0.4588 You have an internal alarm system that lets you know when things aren't right beyond just feeling nervous meeting someone new.
-0.4497 I don't know if it's my age, upbringing, belief system or what but I struggle to understand all the various types of gender and sexual identity.