/u/EvantheFreak is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 HA HA HA HA
0.6486 If we could stop giving up runs in the first inning, that'd be great.
0.6369 Love that guy
0.6369 According to the bold, Minnesota score 55 opposed to Baltimore's 0 and still lost the Super Bowl.
0.5994 lmao end my life fam
0.5994 we look like the team the harlem globetrotters play
0.5956 So playing like the early 2000s Royals?
0.5859 At least you still win.
0.5423 The one going to the Hall of Fame on Twitter was solid blue though, not the gold Obama's holding.
0.4862 If we lose a series against the Barves, so help me God.
0.4588 This is feeling like a playoff game.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8126 Hell, we got pissed off when we had to play a home game in London last year.
-0.8125 It's not that easy, though; ignoring the problem won't solve it.
-0.7717 Holy shit that's even worse
-0.743 Fuck this shit, i'm playing GTA
-0.7184 I was comparing the beating the Jets received to the beating we are getting right now
-0.7096 well fuck, i forgot about yesterday, my bad.
-0.7003 damn that hurts
-0.6956 not saying ventura is in the right, but fuck machado
-0.6908 kill me fam
-0.6488 Losing is not fun.
-0.5719 I hate this fucking website
-0.5719 I hate Yankee Stadium