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0.9253 I've been listening to trance since 2009, but I definitely agree that there was some great stuff in the era you mentioned.
0.9095 Right, but your font rendering looks really nice, like the thickness of the font and things like that.
0.902 Super clean, love the background and icons!
0.8728 It's harder to find these genres of music being played at events, so I want to make sure the DJ knows there's at least one person in the crowd absolutely loving it!
0.8519 Keep up the amazing work my friend :-)
0.8497 Great idea, Thanks! It actually looks like this is the *reverse* of what I want, but it may also support what I'm looking for.
0.8478 Wow this is awesome!
0.8436 Wow no joke these are perfect!!
0.8402 thanks for making amazing music :-)
0.8225 Beautiful track with wonderful vocals.
0.8016 One of the best SS definitely!

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-0.631 In fact, I actually already had cheap $15/yr VPS, but the latency was terrible.
-0.5267 Wicked remix.
-0.5256 Very dangerous if you stand up quickly.
-0.5081 This is absolutely insane!
-0.4692 So with git it's not possible to support an "empty directory".
-0.4585 but I've just really never made any true connections.
-0.4404 That's mixed though :(
-0.4019 I just lose myself in the music.
-0.3382 Whoa, wicked cool!
-0.296 I would suspect this fixes that.
-0.296 I would suspect this change would roll out to *all* desktop platforms.
-0.2942 Now available on limited CD of course from [Stamina Records]!